The company’s postdoctoral workstation to carry out the project review meeting

In July 2022, the provincial-level postdoctoral workstation subject review meeting of Zhejiang Ancient Fibre Road Green Fibre Co., Ltd. was successfully held for the completion of Dr. Ying Wang's exit and Dr. Yushun Lian's entry into the site review.
At the meeting, Dr. Ying Wang made a final report on the "Preparation and Application of Flame Retardant Polyester Industrial Yarn" and gave a detailed summary of the project, which had completed the preparation of phosphorus-based flame retardant monomers and obtained co-polyester with good flame retardant properties through copolymerization, and examined the corresponding tackifying process. Dr. Ying Wang said that he would further investigate the properties and spinning process of the tackified flame retardant polyester, as well as the structure and application of industrial yarn.


Dr. Lian Yushun gave an incoming report and defence on the research project "Research on the application of high-strength polyester mooring ropes in marine engineering". Dr. Lian gave a detailed analysis of the background of the research project, the current situation of the research, the significance of the research, and also reported on the main research work undertaken by him, the main technical difficulties, solutions and possible innovations, organisational measures, research funding and schedule.
After asking questions and deliberating on the research topics of the two doctors, the evaluation experts said that Dr. Ying Wang's research and achievements had met the requirements for leaving the station and agreed that Dr. Ying Wang should leave the station. Dr. Lian Yushun's project was greatly recognized in terms of following the hot spots of science and technology and promoting the implementation of scientific and technological achievements, so he was approved to enter the station.
The post-doctoral workstation is an important initiative to introduce high-end talents, expand the field of scientific research work and enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation in Yueyang District. The company will continue to promote the transformation of post-doctoral scientific and technological achievements and provide strong human and intellectual support for the development and competition of the company.

Post time: Sep-15-2022