Shaoxing textile industry top 100 enterprises list announced, the company on the list!

Recently, Shaoxing City Textile Industry Association announced the 2022 Shaoxing city textile industry top 100 ranking and Shaoxing city textile trade top 30 ranking in 2022 ranking.ZHE JIANG GUXIAODAO POLYESTER DOPE DYED YARN  company was ranked second in the top 100 textile industry.

It is understood that the Shaoxing city textile industry top 100 ranking, mainly in accordance with the 2021 enterprise sales (business) revenue in order.In the top 100 textile enterprises, in addition to our company, Tiansheng chemical fiber, Huahai spandex, Hengming chemical fiber, Jiabao new fiber, Tianma industry, seven color rainbow, and other 9 enterprises ranked the top 10.

Post time: Aug-29-2022