“Made in Zhejiang” group standard “Polyester industrial Yarn” revision review meeting was successfully held

"world quality, Zhejiang manufacturing" as the slogan, with character as image logo, made in Germany, Swiss manufacturing as the goal, to "regional brand, advanced standards, market certification, international identity" as the core, "made in" Zhejiang certification from the quality excellence, independent innovation, industrial collaboration and social responsibility to implement strict review, with first-class standards, strict certification as the main path of brand construction system.


Now4 years have passed, for the formulation requirements of Zhejiang manufacturing group standards are increasingly clear and standardized, since this year, after soliciting the provincial standard institute, products association, peers, downstream users, universities, government organizations, testing institute and other 13 relevant parties opinions, the company decided to revise the standard. On November 25th, the standard revision review meeting was held in the company panoramic conference room. Shi Teaching, the deputy manager of the technology Center, reported the compilation background and purpose of the standard compilation, the core content of the revision, the revision process, and the advanced description. From testing institute, universities and other experts listened to the report and the standard text detailed analysis and discussion, the expert group believes that the standard in accordance with the "made in Zhejiang" standard positioning and requirements, in the review revision process, adopted the opinions of all parties, Suggestions, agreed to through the review.
The revision of Zhejiang manufacturing standards is an important milestone in the company's standardization system. In recent years, around the standardization construction, the technology center has done a lot of meticulous work from the participation of external standards, the standardized management of internal standards, and the quality control behind the standards. Since 2019, the Company has participated in 4 national standards, 5 industry standards and 4 group standards, and provided data and suggestions for the drafting of energy saving and water saving standards; in internal management, revised and improved process inspection specifications and temporary standards, increased the inspection specifications on water treatment process, and introduced national standards and internal control data as reference; actively promoted QC group activities, 38 will be released in December, solved by QC team.
Although the road is coming, the standardization work is still a long way to go. With the gradual deepening of the standardization concept and the improvement of the management level, we will eventually be closer to the goal.

Post time: Aug-29-2022