GUXIANDAO participated in the China Rope and Net Conference Huimin Summit

On September 2, China Industrial Textiles Association held the "2022 China Industrial Textiles Association Rope (cable) Net Branch Second Council and China Rope Net Conference Huimin Summit" in Huimin, Shandong. Zhejiang Guxiandao Polyester Dope Dyed Yarn Co.,Ltd. as the director unit of CTA and an important raw material supplier of rope net enterprises, the company was invited to attend the meeting.


The meeting focused on the rope net industry advanced manufacturing technology, standard quality, innovation application, circular economy and enterprise management and other hot issues, invited industry experts to exchange and share, and jointly discuss ways to promote the high-end development of the rope net industry. Zhou Jiade, Chief Technical Officer of Four Brothers Rope Industry, Jiang Gaoming, Professor of Jiangnan University, and Shi Jiangao, Researcher of East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute of China Academy of Fisheries Science, introduced the application prospects of rope nets in the field of marine engineering, and proposed that targeted research should be carried out for application scenarios and service behavior. The results of the expert research show that the industry has a broad development prospect and we have huge room for improvement, which points out the direction and even more requirements for the development of the company. In response, we should also adjust our strategy to better meet the market requirements.
Through this conference, we have gained the opportunity to talk face-to-face with our customers and will have a deeper understanding of their needs. We will make it our goal to create products that satisfy our customers and create products that are needed by the times, innovate constantly, pay attention to details, keep up with the times and be the trendsetter of the times.
All participants took a group photo and the meeting was successfully concluded.

Post time: Sep-15-2022