FDY Medium Tenacity Yarn was developed successfully

Since 2011, the company has introduced six FDY (civil wire) production lines. After the completion and operation, due to many problems such as the equipment selection discomfort, single design variety, poor product user adaptability, plus the civil silk market has been in the fierce market competition for a long time, although after many times, but there has been no annual full load production, basically in a semi-idle state. At the beginning of this year, FDY strong silk research team after in-depth investigation and analysis, in order to avoid the same product quality competition, put forward the transformation of the existing equipment, in order to develop military tents, bags, sewing line, fishing nets and other market areas, give full play to the efficiency of the existing devices, to obtain high added value of products.

However, in the process of solving key problems, it became difficult to find suitable transformation contractors. After several rounds of communication, the contacted contractors felt that the success rate of transformation was very low. Under the uncertain prognosis, no one was willing to undertake the transformation project.


The FDY Medium Tenacity Yarn team resolutely made the request for independent design and transformation, and with the support of the company leaders, the team fully learned the lessons of the unsuccessful transformation. First, by repeatedly modifying the design scheme, doing dozens of simulation tests, adding a pair of hot rollers to the already compact equipment panel, and solving the bottleneck problem between the domestic equipment and Bama equipment.After nearly half a year of unremitting efforts, on December 21, finally successfully open Medium Tenacity Yarn two test, product indicators meet the requirements of strong silk users (6.0~6.5cN/dtex), for the future FDY Medium Tenacity Yarn upgrade laid a good foundation, at the same time, also for FDY out of trouble implementation variety production, meet the market demand, improve the equipment operation efficiency created conditions.
Dare to take responsibility, and independent innovation has achieved results. Behind the FDY Medium Tenacity Yarn breakthrough is the painstaking efforts of all members of the FDY breakthrough team, which effectively reflects the good spirit of the FDY breakthrough team, brave innovation, unity and cooperation. At the end of 2021, the smooth production of Zhongqiang Silk will further stimulate the new work momentum of all the cadres and staff of FDY Business Division. We will be down-to-earth, work hard, and take on new responsibilities and take new actions to "contribute" to the continuous and stable operation of FDY in the New Year!

Post time: Aug-29-2022